Annmarie Soul


Annmarie Soul is a songstress, yoga teacher & health and wellness guide offering healing, guidance & support through yoga, meditation, personal coaching and sacred music.


Annmarie has been teaching and working with clients for over 15 years based out of Los Angeles's beloved Topanga Canyon, where she is nestled in nature and wildlife, and sources strength from the quietness and peace of the native Chumash mountains.

Annmarie performs sacred music concerts and leads yoga and wellness retreats around the world. She has taught and performed at many yoga and music festivals including Bhakti Fest, Bali Spirit Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, and Moksha Festival. She has songs in films, and most recently released her album Back To The Garden in 2016 produced with Ben Leinbach. 

Originally from Michigan, she spent her late teens and early 20’s in a modeling career which took her around the world. In her travels, she became interested in spirituality and had a spontaneous awakening experience which then drew her to seek a deeper meaning in life. 

As a result, she walked into her first yoga class at Jivamukti Yoga in New York City, and knew that it was going to become an important and life changing journey. After discovering yoga and studying intensely for a year, Annmarie went to India and Nepal for 8 months on a Soul Pilgrimage. During her travels she learned sacred mantras, visited holy temples, and wrote songs which she then brought back to America.

Upon returning to the US Annmarie moved to Los Angeles' Topanga Canyon and completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2000 at Yoga Works in Santa Monica CA where she then taught for  the next 5 years. She currently teaches at Yoga Desa in Topanga Canyon where she has been for over 15 years. 

And she  is currently working on her new album titled Illuminate set to be released 2019!




Take your time.

Slow down.

Breathe deep into life. 

Your soul carries medicine.

Go deep within.

And listen.


"Annmarie is more than an instructor to me and the many students who attend her classes: She's a shaman of sorts who uses the familiar structure of an hour and a half yoga class takes on us a journey back to ourselves." A class with Annmarie feels like a sacred ceremony which never fails to bring me back to the calm equanimity of the awakened heart."

-Jeff Harris, CEO PLANT POWER 


" Annmarie has taught me so much about my body, my breath, and my strength. I treasure her wisdom and knowledge."
- Jami Gertz , ACTRESS
“Annmarie Soul’s voice touches the notes and we are transported into a space that is abundant and ethereal. Annmarie is an L.A. artist who sings like her heart would dissipate if she didn’t.”

- Michael Mollura MUSIC PRODUCER