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Shamanic Sound Journey

Join Annmarie Soul & Evan Perman as they guide you on a Sacred Shamanic Sound Journey Awakening the Healer Within.
Spring time rebirth and renewal is here supporting us in our intentions for healing and wholeness, opening us to receive the light frequencies & vibrations of Sound and Spirit.

Evan and Annmarie play indigenous musical instruments from many cultures around the world including didgeridoo, native drums, flutes and shakers, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls & gong, and stringed instruments. They also share original heart songs, prayers and mantras.
These healing energetic frequencies help to clear, rebalance and restore you into a more peaceful, meditative, and centered state of Being.
When we gather together invoking Spirit with the intention for healing and wholeness, the magic of the Universe answers our call and goes to work on our behalf.

We will start our night with invocation and intention setting which will get us into the space for receiving the medicinal sound healing frequencies of light.

*Elevate into higher states of consciousness.
*Receive intuitive guidance.
*Relax & Rejuvenate.
*Unwind your Nervous System
*Release energetic blocks & fears.
*Connect to your hearts intelligence.
*Activate your Higher Self and Inner Wisdom
*Connect with your Heart and Deeper Self Love
*Anchor in Peace

Join us in Sound Ceremony and Heart Alignment!